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Black Polythene B&A Film 123

Special bulk rates available while stocks last!


Heavy weight 250 micron black polythene suitable for concrete underlay, damp proof course, insulation, asbestos removal etc.

Available in various formats:

  • SKU: C702020 4m x 25m Rolls
  • SKU: C702100 4m x 50m Rolls
  • SKU: C702050 2m x 50m Rolls
  • Prices are exclusive of freight & gst
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16mm PET Strap - Take Advantage of our Great Price


Only $80 per roll while stocks last!


Highest product quality for the highest demands.

  • PET Strap 16x1.0x1100m Embossed
  • Valid for Pallet Buy Only - 52 rolls per pallet

High quality PET strap with high tear and splice resistance for use with fully automated machines, portable and manual strapping tools.

  • SKU: B300056
  • Prices are exclusive of freight & gst 
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Tornado P300 Series Pallet Wrapping Machines


Only $6,975 while stocks last!


Equipped to effectively lower your plastic waste.

The new Tornado P300 boasts an easy to use LCD Touch Screen Control Panel that provides the flexibility to create customized wrap patterns for each unique application. Equipped with a motorized Power Pre-stretch System (300%) with adjustable film tension control, guarantees users optimal film usage and lower cost per pallet wrapped!

The Tornado P300 reduces stretch film consumption, improving the sustainability of transporting pallets.

  • Prices are exclusive of freight & gst
  • Lead times to be confirmed at point of enquiry
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Aerosol RLB Invert Fluro Red 400ml

Red Invert-487-85

Only $4.25 while stocks last!


The inverted spray is a standard spray with a specifically designed ‘upside down’ nozzle. Used for ground applications – frequently used in timber and landscaping and for site marking.

  • SKU: E100850
  • Prices are exclusive of freight & gst
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